Email Marketing Made Simple

No hassle. No confusion. Optimize your email campaigns with advanced email marketingtechnology to help you get the best out out of your current & potential clients


Email Like a Boss


Mass Emailing

Send thousands of emails at the click ofa button to not only keep your clientsup-to-date but also to deliver new promotions to potential customers.

Split Testing

Test out different subject lines to a portion of your list to see what content results inthe most opens, clicks, and conversionbefore sending out to the rest of your list.

Spam Checker

Email with confidence as our advanced technology detects spam keywords and phrases to keep your inbox deliverability rate high.

Multi-User Accessibility

Foster a team effort through creating multiple sub-accounts that will allow for increased contribution to well-rounded email campaigns.


Send out perfectly timed follow-up emails to your list to keep them engaged even after they have signed up to be on your list.

Proven Subject Lines

Obtain access to SendEagle’s Proprietary Artificial Intelligence Subject Lines, created from tested and ranked subject lines that have shown real-life success by actual email marketers.

Build Your List With Forms

Increase the size of your list by attracting subscribers through the use of SendEagle’s customizable forms that can easily be integrated into your website.

Email Campaign Analysis

Get insight on the success of your email campaigns through individual email campaign reports with real-time statistics showing opens, clicks, conversions, unsubscribes, complaints, bounces, and fails.

SendEagle Ensures that business owners, marketers, and agencies communicate effectively with their current and future clients through advanced emailing technology. Tools such as mass emailing, split testing, autoresponders, email campaign analytics... ​​​​​​​and more... make it easy for ou​​​​​​​r users to maximize their email conversion rate

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